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Honor My Wishes is a coalition of volunteers committed to helping individuals through the end stage of life. Whether it is dealing with the dying process, death itself or even it's aftermath, HMW's goal is for society to plan effectively for these concerns and to have discussions about these issues become a normal part of our conversations.

Located in Enumclaw, Washington, a small city southeast of Seattle, HMW has created a comprehensive end-of-life planning tool called the Honor My Wishes binder, which consists of 75 pages and is divided into three sections that uses the titles of Dignity, Security and Peace for each section. The Dignity section discusses the need for Advance Directives, and even provides a Health Care Power of Attorney and Directive along with instructions. It suggests recording the user's health care information and choices including the use of addendums to help guide their selected decision maker. The Security section discusses the appropriateness of instruments such as Wills and Powers of Attorneys, and suggests recording certain financial and personal information that would facilitate the handling of estate affairs. The Peace section provides a directive that controls body disposition, has the form necessary for death certificates, and suggests recording the user's provisions for funeral and memorial services, and final arrangements. The HMW binder was created in conjunction with local medical providers, financial institutions, faith communities and business organizations.

View the link of "The Binder" to learn more about each section. There are many members of the HMW coalition that are trained as Facilitators, to help people complete their Advance Directives. These facilitators can help individuals in the Enumclaw area, and are available at no charge. View the link to "Facilitators" for this service. To find out more about the binder or the organization, contact HMW@HonorMyWishes.org or call 360.272.4024.



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