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Dignity, Security, and Peace at Life's End

Links for Information and Support

National and local Associations

Associations and Organizations
Your local Senior Center or Community Center.

Alzheimer’s Association, National: 800.272.3900.

Alzheimer’s Association, Western and Central Washington: 800.848.7097.

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP): 800.424.3410 provides numerous pamphlets that are helpful.

Cremation Association of North America: 312.644.6610 - A service describing the cremation process and listing private entities performing cremation services.

Funeral Consumers Alliance: 800.765.0107 -

Final Passages: 707.824.0268 -

Legal Council for the Elderly: 202.234.0970 This is a program of AARP.

LifeCenter Northwest Organ and Tissue Donation:
Serving Alaska, Montana, Northern Idaho and Washington
2553 76th Avenue Southeast
Mercer Island, WA 98040

National Association of Claims Assistance Professionals (NACAP): 800.660.9228; provides referrals of insurance claims agents for hire to assist in processing insurance paperwork.

National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers: 602.881.8008; provides referrals to geriatric care managers for private hire.

National Center for Home Equity Conversion will provide a list of programs that offer these loans.
Send self-addressed, stamped envelope and $1.00 to:
National Center for Home Equity Conversion
7373 147th St. Suite 115
Apple Valley, MN 55124

National Directory of Morticians [The “Red Book” funeral home directory] is a listing of some of the licensed funeral homes and funeral/burial supplies manufacturers;

National Insurance Consumer Helpline: 800.942.4242 for assistance on home and life insurance. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke: 301.496.5751.

Not-for-Profit Funeral and Memorial Societies for Washington State:
(You must be signed up for membership prior to death to have economically priced cremation or funeral services available – cost for lifetime membership is $25.00)

People’s Memorial Association
2366 Eastlake Ave. East, #409,
Seattle, WA 98102
206.325.0489 -

Spokane Memorial Association
P.O. Box 13613
Spokane, WA 99213
509.924.8400 -

People’s Memorial Association: see Not-for-Profit Societies above.

Overseas Citizens Services: 202.647.5226 regarding human remains disposition.

Respecting Choices ™ - Gundersen Lutheran, Franciscan Skemp Healthcare, Mayo Health System, 700 West Ave. South, La Crosse, WI. 54601; Linda Briggs, Director of Ethics, 800.362.9567, ext. 55279.

Spokane Memorial Association: see Not-for-Profit Societies above.

United Seniors Health Cooperative: 202.393.6222 is a non-profit organization of older people helping others with information on insurance and health matters.

University of Washington, Willed Body Program:
Box 357420, Seattle, WA 98195-7420

Washington State Bar Association :
Pamphlet program offers pamphlets on wills, trusts and probate. To obtain a free copy, send a self-addressed stamped envelope for each title to: Washington State Bar Association
2001 Sixth Ave. #500
Seattle, WA 98121-2599
Toll free: 800.945.9722

Washington State Medical Association (WSMA), 2033 6th Ave. Suite 1100, Seattle, WA. 98121;
800.552.0612. POLST brochure and other patient brochures available online at:


Most of us find it difficult to think about or talk with family and friends about end-of-life issues. While it is true that these conversations are easier to deal with while we are healthy and before a need arises, every adult at any age should have them. The Honor My Wishes program is outstanding. My husband and I took it and found it to be thought-provoking and enormously helpful. We found the guidebook to be very useful as we collected important information. Feedback from people who also took the classes was equally positive. All of the information was very helpful. I liked the impet

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Linda Henry, Puyallup, WA